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Fencing, often referred to as physical chess, is both physically and mentally challenging. It demands short bursts of
intense strength, stamina, and mental clarity, sustained over several hours. It is a lightening fast sport that requires 
the athlete’s complete focus. It is no wonder that the fencing team has the highest proportion of honors students for 
any Kents Hill sport.

The Kents Hill Fencing program is unique as a varsity sport in that it is offered two seasons. Each winter the program 
accepts new fencers to work with experienced fencers; the team typically has about two dozen fencers. The focus is 
on training, technique, and skill development in the three weapons: foil, saber and epee. All fencers become United 
States Fencing Association (USFA) members and compete at tournaments. 

The more competitive fencers that want to improve their USFA rankings are able to continue on the Elite Fencing 
Team and follow the USFA season into the spring.

Over the years the team has yielded a significant number of medal-winning and nationally ranked fencers, including a 
Pan-American Games saber gold medalist and Olympic qualifier.

While fencing is a classic prep school sport, it is offered by only a few northern New England schools. Our schedule 
includes United States Fencing Association tournaments as well as scrimmages with area clubs and schools, such 
as Portland Fencing Club, Downeast School of Fencing, Maine Central Institute, and Bates, Bowdoin and Colby 
Colleges. The team also competes in selected New England and Canadian tournaments.

2015-2016 Fencing News
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2015-2016 Fencing News
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